Slurpex Product Distribution Presents
- The Home Palette Cleaning Kit!

Slurpex is proud to announce that we are now distributing all of the Products from Shannon Lush.

For more information on Shannon Lush, please click here for her online stain fighting advice.


Home Palette Cleaning Kit
Home Palette Cleaning Kit $75
+ postage

shannon lush and
                                            Jennifer Fleming - cleaning

Kit contains:

1 x 12 litre Double Handled Heavy Duty Bucket in Speedcleaning Blue and Spotless Pink Handles with Special Badging Exclusive to Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming
1 x 50-ml Bottle Lavender Oil
1 x 50-ml Tea Tree Oil
1 x 10ml Oil of Cloves
1 x 1 litre Vinegar
1 x 500g Bicarb Soda
1 x 500-ml Spray Bottle (complete with colour coded Nozzles)
1 x Pack Pantyhose
1 x Tooth Brush
1 x Slurpex Miracle P.V.A. Chamois Block
1 x Bonus! Now includes the Stain Wheel!
Instructions From Shannon and Jennifer

Shannon and Jen have put together this exclusive Basic Kit with over $100.00 worth of value

The contents will save you $$$ on conventional cleaning items

This kit is "a must" for fans of Shannon Lush, the "Cleaning Guru"!

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